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From Works - Balmoak Lane

Balmoak Lane - 

Bespoke Kitchen Design
Chesterfield, 2017

The project reconfigures an existing kitchen and seeks to add simple moments within the room such as looking out the window when preparing dinner and washing the dishes, whilst providing a more efficient working kitchen maximising storage space and allowing for the display of precious ornamental items.

From Works was also commissioned to design and fabricate a bespoke terrazzo worktop for the kitchen. It is formed of an aggregate of local stones with blue glass and white cement. The aggregate was sourced from a Derbyshire supplier and the terrazzo manufactured in Sheffield.

The simple but robust materials and detailing are long lasting, hard wearing and designed to suit a working kitchen. The bespoke kitchen and joinery was manufactured in Sheffield.

Proposed kitchen section / elevation

Developed material and kitchen layout interior study

Bespoke terrazzo worktop

Balmoak Lane kitchen interior
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