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Modern maypole -
Architecture / Competition

London, 2017

The maypole, its symbolism and function have been debated for centuries. It has often been associated with the arrival of a new summer and is celebrated by the bringing together of all communties and cultures. 

In the 15th and 16th centuries when the practise was most popular, the maypole was constructed from a single timber pole from a felled tree close to the local village or town. This act symbolises new growth, re-generation and celebrates the prominant structural building material of the time.

The pile auger spends most of its life out of sight drilling deep holes. By raising the auger bit high out of the ground it will be celebrated as the contemporary equivalent of the singular felled tree maypole, and seeks to symbolise current views of re-growth and re-generation in an ever evolving society and urban environment.

Competition model proposal

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