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From Works - Southgrove Road

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Bespoke Kitchen Design
Sheffield, 2017

From Works was approached to design a bespoke kitchen within a new extension for a family home in Sheffield. A photograph of a moss covered rock from a countryside walk was the client’s inspiration and the proposal seeks to engage with the as found materiality of the Peak District.

The kitchen and joinery is hand made in Sheffield from stained plywood, steamed beech and fossil limestone worktops and splashback sourced from a Derbyshire quarry.

Photography © Mark Hillyer - North Photography

Kitchen inspiration - a moss covered stone from walking in the Peak District

Initial concept visual

Visiting the quarry & sourcing the fossil limestone worktop

Moss green stained cabinetry

Sample palette of materials

Proposed kitchen section

Material palette inspired by the Peak District

Steamed beech island joinery & moss green stained cabinets

Fossil limestone splashback and display shelf
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