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About Us

Each of our projects is a tailored response to the specific requirements and ambitions of individual clients. We take great care to understand the physical, historical and cultural context of our projects as we believe this leads to outcomes of greater richness and character that better our experience of space and objects.

The studio works across a broad spectrum of project types regionally and nationwide including architectural projects, interior refurbishments and remodelling, bespoke kitchen design, fitted joinery and free standing furniture design. Working on projects of varying budget, context and scale, we take an holistic approach to design believing that our skills as both architectural designers and furniture makers creates buildings and spaces of greater coherence and beauty.

The studios’ approach is hands-on with a careful attention to detail and experience. Quality in design and realisation is achieved through a rigorous design process of research, drawing, model making, sample testing and prototyping alongside strong collaboration with clients, contractors, fabricators and other design professionals. Since its inception From Works have been fortunate to have realised a variety of rewarding projects and built up a network of talented collaborators both locally in their home city of Sheffield and nationally across the UK.

From Works co-founders combine practising in the studio with education and teach on undergraduate architecture and interior architecture courses whilst acting as guest critics to a number of UK universities.

What We Offer

From Works offers a complete package of services on every project type from architecture, interior and furniture design including the feasibility, design, procurement and construction / manufacturing phases of work to realise your individual project.

We work across all project phases from conception through to completion, however we can also address individual phases of work to suit your requirements and budget.

From Works - Darren Hancock (left), Adam Eckworth (right)

Darren Hancock

Darren is from Chesterfield, Derbyshire and after completing Art Foundation at Chesterfield College he studied architecture at both Northumbria University and Kingston University.

Having always been intrigued by how things are made and wishing to bridge the gap between concept design and project realisation he trained as a cabinet maker in the South East.

He has also worked as a senior designer and project manager for studios in the UK and Switzerland combining his knowledge of materials, manufacture, construction and project co-ordination with an inquisitive, honest and considered approach to design. Darren also teaches on the interiors course at Sheffield Hallam and Northumbria University.

Adam Eckworth

Adam is from Matlock, Derbyshire and after completing Art Foundation at Chesterfield college he studied architecture at both Northumbria University and London Metropolitan University.

Whilst in London he worked for award winning architecture offices on projects of contrasting scales at various stages of work, gaining experience in all aspects of professional architectural practise. He is passionate about architecture and design enjoying project exploration through research, sketching, model making and photography.

Adam teaches undergraduate architecture at Sheffield university where he loves the opportunity to talk about the methods of designing and making with students and tutors.

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