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From Works - Waymarker

Architecture / Competition
Waymarker, Kielder Water & Forest - 

Architectural Competition
Northumberland, 2018

Kielder Water is the largest man made reservoir in the UK and was constructed from 1975 to 1981 enlisting the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd and Partners to assist with the design and construction of the dam and valve tower. The valve tower still remains above the water acting as a beacon within the reservoir and serves as a strong reminder to the sculptural but brutalist architectural style within post war Britain.

From Works proposal seeks to reinterpret and manipulate the strong, sculptural forms of the valve tower creating a new waymarker within the chosen site on the Bull Crag Peninsula. The waymarker will externally act as a strong sculptural beacon whilst internally providing a finer, more decorative structural shelter and rest stop to enjoy the surrounding landscape and views along the Lakeside Way.

The existing valve tower, Sir Frederick Gibberd

Sculptural / structural sketch development sections

Proposed waymarker pavillion model in context
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